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Paul Simon Osborne.


Sculptor – Designer – Engineer – Maker – Performer – Illustrator


“Paul’s background is a fragmented myriad of interests….”

“…from a mis-directed start into a naval career where he spent up to 6 months under the sea in a tin can; Paul now finds time to design, build and produce professional theatre, build puppets, re-condition antiquated old tractors, design websites, code apps, write and perform original music, enjoy his family and make good sushi.  He also is a dab hand at keeping children interested in ceramics, wood sculpture, video, drama, creative writing and digital and analogue photography… Paul is an artist-engineer who can master any tool in his hand.”

“Currently Paul continues a very personal journey into sculptural ceramics, of which he considers Raku to be the epitome of his artistic process; combining his unique perspectives on history, myth, tension, form, processes and the four elements of fire, earth, air and water he produces spontaneous, exciting and unpredictable work…”

“In parallel to his practice he runs workshops, enabling opportunities for children and adults alike to explore skills, communicate personal aesthetics and express themselves in creative ways….”


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