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March 1, 2012

Productive day in the studio prepping for commission.  This evening I have been working on game “X”.  Starting to organise the infrastructure for the numerous databases (TinyWebDB and TinyDB) that will be used to enable multi user interaction.  So far I have started to populate game items with their attributes and relationships to each other.  I’m not quite sure how the db will be read by the application (using call procedures, variables and list generators in AI).

I am looking at updates already, and how to implement them.

Within the game the possession of certain items have an effect on the functionality of others (and gameplay).  Still playing with how and what these items are/will be.

I added some sound to the GUI today.  This made the experience much stronger and fulfilling to the user.

I am avoiding designing graphics yet as that is a lot of work and will be better to do as one batch.  I am using royalty free images off the web to keep the momentum going during the block editing.

Off to bed now to dream of a future programming great games in my studio, on-board my 50′ luxury yacht, touring the Mediterranean for 6 months.

Thats all for now.

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